Monday, 2 August 2010

Spandan, the bip v.2.0 to be launched soon

We at Spanadan, the bip are busy with final prep for the additional features most important of which includes bulk upload through simple exls sheet. So stay tuned as we move ahead with and launch the next version in next couple of days.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Updates@Spandan, the bip

During past 3 to 4 weeks several activities has kept Spandan, the bip team busy. Last week Spandan, the bip team were intimated by the organisers of Take Care Take Charge ( campaign managers, that Spandan, the bip has been shortlisted for the Mumbai panel discussion and presentation. This was great recognition to concept. WIN's trustee Ms. Vanita Chavan and Spandan, the bip campaign manager Ms. Neha Singh made presentation before the panelist which include actor and environmentalist Mr. Rahul Bose.

 While Spandan, the bip as concept was well received by the distinguished panel, it could not made it to national panel discussion. However, we consider that the appreciation by the panelist is indication that though bit early time is just around the corner for Spandan, the bip's leap forward.

Feature updates: Development team of Spandan, the bip is busy to incorporate major feature updates. Some of these include -
1. Bulk upload: Contributor can upload multiple records in one go.
2. Link to images, photographs already published with community sites such as PicasaWeb, Flikr, Facebook etc.
3. One to many and Many to One relations: It will be possible to have multiple biodiversity observation records associated with single image, and vice versa.
4. Download data: Users of Spandan, the bip will be able to download the data.
5. Campaign/Competitions: Contributors will be able to participate in campaigns and competitions.

Community growth: Spandan, bip community is growing. We have 62 members at Facebook community, where as 18 have subscribed to Orkut community site.

Contributors@Spandan, the bip: 67 contributors from 10 countries have registered themselves at Spandan, the bip portal.

Spandan, the bip YATRA: Planning is in full force for Spandan, the bip YATRA in December 2009 - January 2010.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Article on Spandan, the bip in Ecotone

Article on Spandan, the bip is now published in Ecotone

Friday, 14 May 2010

North East India Chapter of Spandan-the bip

Northeast India is one of the most biodiversity area of India. The region is part of the globally recognised "BIODIVERSITY HOTSPOTS" : Himalayan Hotpsot and Indo-Myanmar Hotspot. NE India is also regarded as centre of diversity of several species including Citrus. However thousands of species are yet to discovered. It is our duty to explore and conserve those species before its silent death.

North East India Chapter of Spandan -the bip is dedicated to document biodiversty data of North East India. Recently, the chapter has released a small promotional pamphlet that will be circulated in all the schools, colleges and universities inorder to encourage the people to contribute and share their data.

Front page

Inner page


Up comings:

NE India Special SPANDAN-the bip Movie Clip
Interaction Programme with students of colleges and universities in Delhi


Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

Toipu 2010 5_8_5

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Spandan, the bip: Public Launch, Collaborators meet and interactions with press

On May 7, 2010 first public event of Spandan, the bip was held in Pune, India. It was planned as the collaborators meet and interactions with the press. Pune was soaring with 39 C on that day. I had just landed from Dehradun the previous night after participating in workshop on biodiversity data publishing. I was tired and therefore, could not even review the preparations for the next day event. However, I must say that both Gurushant and Neha did an excellent job. Well done!

We had very interesting session - sensing the informal mood, I gave presentation about Spandan, the bip in an informal yet informative style. I used story of Vitthal to emphasise citizens participation in Spandan, the bip. Maitri's video about Spandan, the bip was also appreciated a lot. While every one present in the meeting appreciated and lauded the initiative, several commitments were made. Great response that enthused me further to announce three activities to ensure global uptake of Spandan, the bip.

1. Global School/College/University Competion
2. Global City or Urban Biodiversity Inventory Compaign
3. Spandan, the bip YATRA and World Spandan, the bip Day

While first two are web based competitions or campaigns, the third one will be different in nature. During December 2010 and January 2011, I intend to hold walkathons together with interactions with citizens, civil societies and roadshows in 26-30 cities in India. I personally wish to travel to all these places. Of course, this requires participation of local civil society organisations, it also needs resources - but I am sure that will flow in, if the idea is appealing, which I believe is worth pursuing. I wish to create the awareness in every house hold about the role of citizens in biodiversity inventory exercise. We all have a role to play and further that's our responsibility too!

I will be requesting two things - (a) data for Spandan, the bip and (b) rupee each contributions from the citizens to strengthen the Spandan, the bip infrastructure and ensure validation of data by the experts. I trust India will not let me down. With billions Indian supporting no initiative is impossible. Nothing is impossible!

On the 14th of January we hope to conclude Spandan, the bip YATRA with roadshows in major cities worldwide and thus celebrate 14th January as World Spandan, the bip day. The target during whole exercise is to have nearly 500,000 to 5000,000 biodiversity observations contributed from citizens worldwide.

Together we can achieve what seems impossible now - as nothing is impossible. After all this is a question of our own survival and sustenance of human race on this planet called 'Mother Earth'.